Mobile developer or mobile development team?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by writers

With the rapid growth of smartphones and other handheld devices, mobile developers are more in demand than ever before as companies rush to build out their mobile platforms. But the demand far exceeds the supply, as mobile developers with the right skills and experience are harder to come by than ever before. This is partially due to the newness of mobile technology itself (Apple’s App Store only launched in 2008). This mismatch has caused the salaries of mobile developers to increase steadily, with reporting that 31% of companies reporting a higher than normal average pay increase for mobile engineers over the last year. Mobile engineers with no experience can now command the same salaries as general software engineers with as much as 10 years of experience. Companies unable to find qualified mobile engineers are finding it more cost effective to train general software engineers in mobile development.

Given the difficulties in finding (and paying for) an experienced mobile developer, an alternative option for many companies seeking to build out their mobile platforms is to outsource the work to a mobile development team. These teams can reside overseas or be a part of a software development agency. The benefits of outsourcing development work in the rapidly evolving mobile technology landscape are tremendous, but companies must be careful to engage the right teams that will work with them to ensure a successful mobile strategy. As we’ve discussed before, the first part of an effective mobile strategy is gaining an understanding of the customers and their mobile needs. Having a development team that understands and works with this process will lead to more successful mobile strategy rollouts.

With the rapid growth and evolution of mobile technology and mobile consumers, it’s no wonder that companies small and large are under the wire to roll out an effective mobile platform. In the mad rush to find mobile development talent however, it’s important not to lose sight of your mobile strategy and key customer values.

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