Food and drink mobile apps for iOS & Android

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by writers

The App Store © by PhotoAtelier (Glen)

Apple is adding a Food & Drink category to its App Store, which should come as no surprise to anyone given the rise of consumer mobile usage. Not too long ago it was considered rude to pull out your smartphone at the dinner table, but now it’s pretty much the norm. Smartphones and tablets are just as likely to be on the table these days as plates and cups.

Consuming food and beverages is a very experiential process and one that is often best enjoyed with friends. What better way to share it with all your friends online than by snapping a picture of your meal or drink and posting this on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest feed. Or better yet you can use Foodspotting, an app dedicated to being the visual guide for food.

Are you at a fancy restaurant and you’re wondering what kind of wine to pair with your dish? You can use Hello Vino or Pair It! to find the best pairings and recommendations.

What if you loved the restaurant and want to recommend it to everyone? Leave a review and your dish tips on Yelp or UrbanSpoon.

Successfully tried out a new recipe at home and now you want to share it with your friends? There’s an app for that too.

Are you a recreational mixologist looking for a special cocktail mix? Absolut Vodka has a Drinkspiration app just for you.

Looking for your favorite food themed mobile games? Actually, that will still remain in the Games category in the App Store. Likewise, dieting apps, shopping apps and coupon apps will remain in their own categories and won’t be moved over to the Food & Drink category. With over 650,00 apps in the App Store, it’s nice to see Apple taking steps to help users find relevant and useful apps for their mobile needs.

What are some of your favorite food and drink apps?

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