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Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by writers

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A recent survey by Appcelerator and International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Apple’s iOS is now the favored operating system of mobile app developers for enterprise solutions. This is a big shift in the mobile developer community as the same survey conducted a year ago indicated that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android were on equal footing as the best positioned mobile platforms to win the enterprise world. The study reveals some interesting sentiment by mobile app developers on where they see the major mobile app platforms moving forward in the future.

Mobile app developers see Apple’s iOS platform as a better enterprise play while at the same time seeing the Android platform migrating more towards consumers. Apple jumped to a 16 percent lead over Google from last year’s study, with 53.2% of developers saying that Apple will win the enterprise game versus 37.4% of developers who believe Google will win. The study attributes this shift primarily to the iPad’s adoption in the corporate world as a viable and secure communication device. Android continues to suffer from fragmentation issues which have made it challenging to effectively deploy and maintain across the enterprise.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform continued to show interest in the enterprise developer community, but still remained a distant third behind Apple and Google. The study indicates that developers are interested in the Windows 8 platform which could provide a boost for Microsoft.

RIM’s Blackberry OS continues to lose market share in the enterprise community, with just 2% of study participants indicating that they believe the Blackberry is positioned as the best long term enterprise mobile solution.

Funnily enough, 1% of the developers think that the ex-Palm WebOS system is the best positioned mobile platform for the enterprise. Clearly there were some current HP employees that were polled for the study (or die-hard Palm fans).

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