Android still ahead of Apple iOS

Posted on: August 7th, 2012 by writers

Google’s Android operating system is still leading the mobile platform charge over Apple and other operating system makers, according to a recent report by Nielsen reflecting Q2 2012 smartphone purchases. All this comes before Apple’s expected release of the next version of the iPhone.

The report starts by stating that two third of new mobile phone buyers are now purchasing smartphones over standard ‘feature’ phones. We’re surprised that this number is so low, we expected it to be much higher. We don’t see too many people walking around with non-smartphones these days, but then again they probably don’t show off their ‘dumb’ phones too much to other people.

Android leads with a majority share of smartphone owners across the U.S., with a 51.8% market share. The Apple iOS is next, with a 34.3% market share, followed by Blackberry with an 8.1% market share. Other mobile operating systems constituted the remaining 5.9%.

Breaking down the operating system details even further, we see that Samsung leads the charge in the Android camp, with a 17% market share, thanks to its recent line of new Galaxy smartphones that it has rolled out to market. HTC and Motorola are closely behind Samsung, with 14% and 11% market share respectively.

Microsoft still trails behind Android, Apple and RIM’s Blackberry platform, with its Windows Mobile and Windows 7 mobile platforms only accounting for 4.3% of smartphone users. Microsoft hopes to see an improved market position with the release of its latest platform, Windows Phone 8.

With Apple and Microsoft releasing new versions of their operating systems over the next 6 months it will be interesting to see how much these consumer trends will change. Samsung and Motorola are soon to debut new Android smartphone handsets this year as well, so that will help to keep Android’s supremacy in the marketplace.

What do you think? Will Apple overtake Android in smartphone market share? Can Microsoft make a significant impression with smartphone users?

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