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Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by writers

Furnas - Brazil © by .v1ctor.

Mobile app developers, now there’s a business accelerator program just for you. Similar to other business accelerator programs like TechStars or Excelerate, the Appies accelerator provides mentorship, a support network, co-working facilities and seed funding. The only thing is, the Appies accelerator program is just for mobile app developers. And it’s based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Given the popularity and success of blockbuster mobile apps like Instagram, the Appies accelerator is looking for young talented mobile app developers who have a great idea for an app. The program was started by Brazilian entrepreneur Bob Wollheim and mobile app developer Dirceu Paula. Many new business accelerator programs are starting to focus on specific sectors and industries, so it’s not too surprising to see an accelerator program focused purely on mobile apps. In fact, this year we saw a new business accelerator program launch out of New York called Women Innovate Mobile, which is focused purely on female entrepreneurs and mobile technology companies.

Why Brazil? Web access via mobile phones is the preferred method of access in most developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China. Brazil alone has 224 million mobile phones for its 190 million residents, so there is a big user base for mobile apps in that country. Beyond that, Appies has a global focus as it plans to release its portfolio companies into the large mainstream app stores around the world.

Wollheim sees a big shift towards HTML5, and believes that countries like Brazil will adopt the mobile web protocol faster than the United States, due to the nature of the country’s web access and rate of mobile phone adoption. Emerging markets like Brazil have seen a flood of low-cost stripped down Android devices enter the population.

Would you move down to Brazil to join the Appies accelerator program?

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