Mobile app development for multiple platforms

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by writers

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Given the split of mobile operating system market share amongst smartphone users, we would expect that the majority of mobile app developers would target multiple platforms when launching their apps. This sentiment was confirmed by Evans Data Corp in their recent Mobile Development Survey conducted with 400 mobile app developers nationwide which showed that the majority of mobile app developers target multiple platforms for release.

The report showed that 94% of mobile app developers design at least some of their mobile apps to run across multiple platforms, but not all of their apps. Only 13.5% of mobile app developers design all of their mobile app creations to run on multiple platforms. Most developers only target half or less of their apps to run across multiple platforms.

Android is the most popular mobile platform to target, according to the survey. This finding is in line with a recent Nielsen report that showed that Android has 51.8% market share with smartphone users, followed by Apple’s iOS platform with 34.3% market share. RIM, Microsoft and other smaller players constitute the rest of the market.

Mobile web apps are also becoming increasing popular due to their cross-platform compatibility. Some developers are still writing different native versions of the same mobile app, but many are turning to the ease of mobile web apps, even if this decision comes with a hit in app performance. The name of the game for mobile app deployment is market potential; ensuring your mobile app can be downloaded by as many people as possible. We’re not surprised to see so many mobile app developers target multiple platforms for deployment and/or move to mobile web platforms. If you want your mobile app to be downloaded many times you have to make it as accessible as possible to the widest audience possible.

You can download the complete report on the Evans Data website.

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