Invasion of the zombie apps

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by writers

Plants vs Zombies, almost dead © by Allen Garvin

Is your mobile app a zombie app? No, not a mobile app about zombies, like “Plants Vs. Zombies”. We mean a “zombie” app, as in a mobile app that has only been downloaded a few times and generates no revenue for the developers. According to a recent report by the mobile analytics firm Adeven, more than two thirds of Apple’s App Store apps are in fact “zombie” apps.

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store today, but of these apps around 400,000 of them are just sitting there undiscovered and collecting dust. It’s not too hard to create a mobile app these days, but making it relevant to users is still the difficult part. The Chicago mobile app developers at discussed this issue in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune. The barriers to entry for mobile app developers have come down tremendously, but you still have to figure out how to deliver the right kind of value to your customers. With all of the noise and overcrowding in the App Store, your app has to quickly deliver a clear and direct message to the consumer to entice downloads and repeated usage.

There are some mobile apps that are fortunate to break into the App Store Top 25 and earn tons of downloads and revenue for their creators, but many other developers are not so fortunate. If your app is aimed at a specific business sector then you’re more likely to find users and downloads than if you simply aim for a general market app.

For mobile app developers we encourage you not to lose heart… you just have to be sure that your mobile app is delivering real value to your customer and your app will shine like a diamond in the rough. Just be sure to avoid being bitten by other zombie apps…

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