Windows Phone 8 seeks developers

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by writers

Windows Phone Hackathon Welcome Sign © by bobfamiliar

The Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system is scheduled for release this fall and Microsoft is looking for a few good mobile app developers for the new platform. Through a series of promotions and mobile app hackathons, Microsoft is getting the word out about Windows Phone 8 to the developer community.

Microsoft has a bit of an uphill battle on its hands. As we wrote in a prior article regarding smartphone operating system share, Microsoft largely trails behind Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and RIM’s Blackberry platforms. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows 7 mobile platforms only account for 4.3% of all current smartphone users. Compare that to market leader Android’s 51.8% market share and Apple’s 34.3% market share and you get a better feel for the size of the mountain that Microsoft has to climb.

Still, the developer community has shown excitement in anticipation of the Windows Phone 8 platform. Some of the benefits of the new platform include a shared system core with the Windows 8 OS. This will allow developers to write one code base that can work across various platforms and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This type of shared environment could be especially appealing to enterprise IT departments who use Microsoft in their desktop environments and would like to use Microsoft devices for mobile messaging and online collaboration. Many RIM developers and clients are seeking a new home, and Microsoft has traditionally performed well in this corporate enterprise space.

Some of Microsoft’s new messaging sounds a lot like what the software giant was saying when the Windows Phone 7 platform came out, and to date that platform has not made significant traction in the mobile device landscape.

Will Windows Phone 8 be a blockbuster, or will we have more Zune-esque phones on our hands this fall?

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