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Posted on: August 15th, 2012 by writers

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Letting the world know about your mobile app has gotten more expensive this year, according to recent data released by digital marketing firm Fiksu. All this while the rate of mobile downloads has remained relatively flat.

Mobile app developers will spend on average $1.44 to attract a loyal user. Loyal users are defined as someone who downloads an app and uses it three or more times. The cost to secure a loyal user has gone up 13% from last year, partly due to the increase in overall mobile apps and variety of choices.

Of course, you don’t want your app becoming a zombie app, a phenomenon we covered last week. Zombie apps are defined as mobile apps that see few user downloads and no customer revenue for their developers. It’s estimated that more than two thirds of apps in the App Store are zombie apps.

One new way to market your mobile app and ensure it doesn’t become a zombie app is through Facebook’s new mobile ads product. Mobile app developers can now pay to have ads for their apps show up in the news feed for mobile Facebook users. The ads can link directly to an app store where the Facebook users can download the mobile app immediately to their phone.

This new product is part of Facebook’s new mobile monetization strategy. Facebook has more than 950 million users and over half use Facebook via a mobile device. Facebook says that it already sends 146 million visitors to Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store on a monthly basis, and now mobile app developers can tap into this pipeline. The initial ad product will be based on a pay-per-click model, but eventually this will change to a more attractive pay-per-download model.

Given the size of mobile users that Facebook has, this seems like a smart play for both Facebook and mobile app developers. We’re interested in seeing what the conversion rate will be for paid ads to see how effective this channel will be. Will you use Facebook’s new mobile ad product for your mobile app?

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