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Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by writers

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The Appsfire team recently released the results of a study they ran on mobile app titles in the Apple iOS store, showing the top words that developers like to use when naming their products. The top three words: “HD”, “Lite” and “Free”. So if your product is called “Free HD Lite”, congratulations, you are the John Smith of mobile apps!

Terms related to pricing models seemed to be very popular, with “Free”, “Lite” and “Pro” in the top five words. The term “Free” is often a bit redundant, given the fact that the price next to the app will say Free as well, but apparently explicitly spelling this out in the title helps with download rates. Other redundant terms include the number eight top word, “App”. Just in case it wasn’t clear on what you were downloading from the App Store.

Although the title is an important marketing aspect of your mobile app, you can’t expect to be able to just run out and slap “Free HD Lite iPhone Mobile App” onto your app and expect a huge influx of users. You still need to have a high quality product that solves a real customer problem. You still have to be focused and do one thing really well, instead of trying to be everything to everyone. And most importantly, you want to be fresh and new in the market. So if anything, you don’t want to run out and title your app the same way everyone else titles their app!

Here’s the ranking of top ten mobile app title terms released by AppsFire via their app metadata engine, AppGenome:

1.) HD – 27,777
2.) Lite – 21,690
3.) Free – 18,511
4.) iPad – 11,313
5.) Pro – 9024
6.) Guide – 8361
7.) Mobile – 7695
8.) App – 6142
9.) iPhone – 5441
10.) Game – 5377

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