Demand for mobile app developers on the rise

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by writers

Following on the heels of our recent post regarding Mobile App Development on the Rise, it should come as no surprise to hear that the demand for mobile app developers is also on the rise. If demand for mobile apps is up, then a supply of mobile app developers has to be found to fulfill these requests. Job postings on Elance for mobile app development projects clearly show this trend in action over the course of the past year.

Mobile app development postings on Elance have seen a staggering 94% increase from last year, reflecting the overall growth of the mobile app ecosystem.

Android app development has seen the largest increase (133%) in demand, synching up with our recent findings on the increased popularity of the Android platform, but job postings for Apple iOS mobile apps still outnumber Android postings by three times as much. Windows Phone job postings have seen much slower growth than its two main rivals, with only 36% growth from last year, but this is likely to change with the upcoming release of the new Windows Phone 8 platform. RIM’s Blackberry job postings showed a 16% decrease compared to last year, accurately reflecting the decrease in overall market share of the Blackberry OS platform.

Job postings during the first quarter of this year show the clear dominance of the iOS platform in terms of demand for mobile app developers. Apple mobile apps commanded 74% of the overall job postings for mobile development, with Android a distant second with 23%. Although Android demand is growing, it’s evident that it still has a lot of catching up to in the freelance developer market. Interestingly enough, demand for iPad mobile app development is outpacing iPhone development. iPad job postings saw an increase of 116% from last year compared to iPhone job postings which only saw a 53% increase.

If you’re currently seeking mobile app developers, what platforms are you targeting for your projects? Let us know in the comments!

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