Outsourcing your mobile app development

Posted on: August 22nd, 2012 by writers

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As we’ve mentioned in past articles, the demand for mobile app developers is on the rise, and the growing trend for smaller companies is to outsource the mobile app development process to freelance developers. Although this can be a cost-saving and time efficient move, care must be taken to ensure that you’re not outsourcing your mobile strategy along with the development process.

With a growing number of companies demanding a mobile app presence for their organizations, the need for mobile app developers has grown correspondingly. This rapid increase in demand for developers has left a supply shortage in the market and it has become more and more difficult for companies to have experienced developers on staff. These developers are also becoming more expensive to hire and can put a strain on smaller companies with tighter budgets.

A popular solution for many smaller organizations is to outsource the work to freelance developers. This approach can be both cost-saving and time efficient to meet restrictive budgets and deadlines. However, companies must be careful to engage the right resources in this process to ensure a successful mobile app roll-out. Although the growing popularity of mobile apps may lead a team to make a hasty decision in order to keep pace with competitors, it’s important to realize that having a mobile strategy in place before the development process starts is critical to success. We’ve written in the past that the key component of an effective mobile strategy is having a deep understanding of your customers and their mobile usage habits. Once this strategy is defined then the next step of finding the right mobile development resources to execute your strategy can be undertaken. Remember to keep your customer and mobile strategy front and center when outsourcing your mobile app development!

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