Blackberry gets squeezed in enterprise

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by writers

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Blackberry continues to lose ground in the enterprise domain, according to a new study by research firm Decisive Analytics. IT departments now consider Apple’s iOS platform to be more secure and manageable than RIM’s Blackberry platform. Blackberry has long been the corporate flag bearer for mobile applications but recent trends have shown it losing market share to all of its main rivals.

This latest study polled over 400 IT professionals internationally about enterprise mobile platforms and security related matters (the report was commissioned by the security company Trend Micro). The major platform and mobile devices covered in this study included the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. The mobile devices and platforms were ranked by ease of security and manageability in the enterprise solution space. Apple’s iOS platform ranked ahead of the pack, with the Blackberry OS platform in second place, followed by the Android platform and Nokia’s Symbian framework.

Mobile app developers have already indicated that they feel that Apple is the best positioned mobile platform for the enterprise space, and now it appears that IT managers agree with them. The developers are significantly more bearish on the Blackberry OS though, with only 2% of mobile app developers believing that Blackberry is the best long term solution for mobile enterprise platforms, according to a recent study conducted by Appcelerator. Another looming problem for Blackberry is the upcoming release of the Windows Mobile 8 platform. Microsoft is positioning itself to regain lost market share with corporate IT departments with the latest release of the Windows Mobile platform. Since Windows Mobile 8 shares the same core system files as Windows 8, developers will be able to write code that can work across several platforms and devices, including laptops and smartphones. This shared code base will make manageability of enterprise mobile solutions much easier across the board.

How many of you think that RIM and Blackberry are positioned as the best long term mobile platform for the enterprise space?

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