Marketing your mobile app through social sharing

Posted on: August 27th, 2012 by writers

Facebook Connect with Pandora © by abraham.williams

Marketing your mobile app is often the last step in the mobile development process but it’s often the most important step. With over 600,000 apps in the Apple iTunes store, how do you cut through the noise and let the world know about your latest mobile creation? One marketing technique gaining a lot of traction in the mobile space is social sharing, the process of integrating your app with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share information about user activities.

There are many popular services using different methods of social sharing. Apps like Foursquare, Pandora, Spotify and Instagram are heavily integrated with popular social media platforms and have greatly expanded their reach and exposure as a result of that. Some apps allows their users to log in with their Facebook and Twitter credentials and then offer the option of automatically posting user updates to the social networks. On many apps this is the default option and users must opt-out if they no longer wish to share their activities with friends. This sharing of information allows for everyone in the user’s social network to see the app activities, gaining exposure for the app and services across a wider audience.

This marketing technique is also quite cost effective. Social sharing creates a free marketing channel for your apps that often carries more authenticity than a paid advertising message. Keep in mind that mobile app marketing has gotten more expensive this year, while the rate of mobile app downloads has not increased by much. Attracting and retaining loyal users (someone who downloads and uses your apps 3 or more times) can be an expensive proposition, but having a tool like social sharing at your disposal can help you cut down on your app marketing costs and can grow your mobile app revenue at the same time.

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