Smartphone user activities

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by writers

Weather app © by Johan Larsson

The modern smartphone user is often thought of as a young consumer constantly glued to their small screen device, using their smartphone at all occasions in all locations. In truth, the average smartphone user is now trending older, but the part about using their smartphones at all times holds true. According to a recent study released by the Online Publishing Association (OPA) on the today’s smartphone users, over two thirds of smartphone users say that the simply “cannot live without” their smartphones by their side.

When the study respondents were asked which media channels they would not be able to live without, a whopping 68% said they could not live without their mobile phones. The smartphone ranked just as high as desktop & laptop computers and televisions for necessary media channels. Aside from placing phone calls, the primary activity consumers used their smartphones for is accessing content and information. This activity ranked higher than checking email, listening to music, playing mobile games and reading e-books. At least half of these consumers access this content and information on a daily basis.

What’s interesting is the number one activity that the average consumer conducts on their smartphone. Watching videos, news and sports content ranked high on the list of top activities, but the number one activity according to the study is … checking for weather information. 47% of study respondents say they use their mobile phones to check weather, handily beating out all other activities.

We would have thought that checking email would be the top activity for the average smartphone owner, but apparently that’s not the case. So if we’re reading the results of this study right, basically there’s a large chunk of American consumers out there that simply “cannot live without” the ability to check the weather on the go. Who would have thought that weather apps were the killer apps for today’s smartphone user?

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